How to create an NPS survey with boards

How can create a survey like this one?

Hi Donald! It’s a combination of a regular board with a Form add-on. Here is a link on how to use Forms: (Forms! Powered by :) – Support). Simply create your questions as columns across the board, then once the Form has been setup, your participants can complete the online form, then their answers will automatically be sent to the board when completed. You can even add various alert automations to be notified when new submissions are received. If you add Charts to the board, then can be quickly saved as JPEGs for use in a recap presentation if you need to share the results. I’d be glad to answer any further questions. Just let me know. Best Regards.


Hi @donaldcornel - I think you are asking about how to do a Net Promoter Score survey? There are some great form solutions that integrate with monday․com that you may want to check out. TypeForm is what comes to mind first. There is an app for it in the Marketplace and you can build almost anything with it and then feed the responses into monday․com.

Or just use any survey solution that works with Integromat and Zapier.

There isn’t a way to lay a NPS survey out like the screenshot you shared in a monday․com form.

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Thanks for this @CFunk,
What I want actually is the NPS survey having 1-10 ratings same with this one sent to me by monday.

Yes @PolishedGeek, NPS is the one I’m looking for. I’ll take a look at those solutions. Thanks!

You’re welcome. Also check out SurveyMonkey. They have NPS surveys and can connect via Zapier or Integromat.

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