Managing Learning Projects

  1. What workflow do your boards help manage? How do your board/s work in practice?
    Project timelines, tasks, resources - used to track, forecast, automate manual tasks

  2. Who uses the boards?
    Performance and Learning team and business partners

  3. If you use automations, which do you use and how do they help?
    Training Request Forms - Created a Training Request Tab in our LMS (embedded link), which tracks the request, and sends email notification letting us know a new request waiting for review.

  4. Include screenshots of your boards so others can visualize your setup.

com_Project_sch com_Chart1 com_Project_Chart

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Hi @che.prince, first of all - welcome to our community!

This is a great post - you’ve got a really robust workflow here and I’m really impressed with what you’ve built; big fan of the Forms + auto notifications, that’s a really great combo.

Again welcome and thanks for sharing what you’ve built!


With the support of team, webinars, and Community (now that I know there is one) ;), our team was able to figure out how to leverage into our workday. I think we are getting there, and always look forward to discovering new tricks, and experimenting with integrations, automatons.

Look forward to sharing more.

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Hey @che.prince

Cool boards :slight_smile:
Can you give a bit more information on the training request form piece? I wonder the form you’re using and how it all works with the LMS and email notification? Is this using monday automations and integrations or are you using another connection platform for this?

Also, curious to know which column you’re using for “owner”?