Tracking Training Courses + Building a record for trainees

Hi everyone,

In my organisation, our HRMS unfortunately lacks the capability to track trainees, training courses as well as build a record of courses that a particular candidate has attended.

We decided to use the Monday tool to fill in this gap and I’ve had mixed success so far. I have built a master board that has all the training courses throughout the year for all of our employees. So far it looks comprehensive, has all the information we need and is very useful.

I have solved one of two issues we’ve run into. We need access control on the main board, so a particular manager can only see courses related to his employees from his directorate. I have solved that by created a new board with mirror columns to the main master board. It was a bit laborious and tedious but I managed to create the relevant links.

Now for the real dilemma. For each employee, I need there to be a link whereby once a course has been completed or updated on the main board, it shows up on a private board JUST for that candidate, so there’s a record of all the courses they have attended for the upcoming years. Is there a particular workflow to accomplish this?

Thank you for taking the time to read through all this and appreciate any help.

Hello @Ultraviolet !

My suggestion would be to use a template board for each employee that is connected to your master board!

Once you create the template that is connected with the master board, whenever you reuse it will be connected to the master board, so each employee can have their own private board and you manager will also be able to track their progress.

Alternatively, you can use a templated board for each employee ( a board for each of them), and connect all of them to a dashboard with for example a table widget.

Important note, for the manager to have access, the boards can be private but they would also need to be a member.

Hope this helps!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at