Workforms - show user as blank or 'System' if not a Monday user

Currently shows the form creator for all new tasks and updates which makes ZERO sense. It should just be blank or say System. the whole point of a form is so that people who do NOT have Monday can still submit information. Ok rant over. Please fix.

Hey Esty! Thanks so much for your feedback - we appreciate hearing what is not so great about your experience with our platform!

Are you referring to the “creator” column showing the form creator instead of remaining blank? Perhaps you can delete this column if most of the items in that board are created via form?

In the meantime, we’d love for you to submit this feedback here so our community members can upvote it!
Our devs pick different community-requested features to develop so it’s important to make your voice heard in that feature request corner of the Community forum! :blush: