Forms for Internal Use - Auto Assign on Form/item Creation using Status Field

We use forms for our internal team. We use them for peer to peer feedback, reporting website issues (We are an ecommerce Management team) etc. I am wanting to be able to smart assign individuals on item creation (using forms). Please tell me this is coming!!! Otherwise, I have to manually assign, move to group or board based on a manual process.

Perhaps I am missing something obvious.

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@weblifestores great news - it is coming! Our developers are working on implementing this feature into form submission, stay tuned!


Excellent. Do you think this will be rolled out in the next couple weeks or more like a few months? Just trying to figure out what I may need to do in the mean time. Thank you for any insight that you may have.

Hey @weblifestores! Great news, I tested this now - using this automation with form submission will assign those who are on your account to items if they filled out the form.

Would this be helpful here?

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Will this work with Google Forms?

Hey @mikeadams we currently don’t have a native integration with google forms but this will work with’s forms feature. Cheers!

@lauralev - I am not getting the same result as you. I just had a team member fill out a form and since I created the automation it designated me as the owner.

Thanks for the update! @weblifestores
Happy to help but let’s move this over to so we can look into this more effectively :slight_smile:

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Just Submitted. Thanks.

Can I have the form open a new board? I would like to have an off-boarding employee form, but I want a unique board for each employee we are off-boarding. Is that possible?

Can you please let us know if this ends up working as I’d like to get it set up to perform the same action too @lauralev. thanks

Hey @mikeadams - love the idea. Right now you’d need to build a board for your form. I’d recommend creating a template and using it for each employee. All you’ll need to do is create the structure one time and then use the template and add the form view. Would that work? Cheers!

Hi @Krishele! The above recipe does work - I’ve tested it on myself and two other colleagues who were assigned upon submitting the form. Feel free to write into us at if you’re having issues - we can look into it further there :slight_smile: Cheers!

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So once the form is completed, I still have to manually take the data entered via the form and enter it into the template?

Hey @mikeadams - can you let me know what you’re looking to accomplish with the template? Cheers!

populate the template with answers from the form - then assign different steps to different users

I don’t understand why you just don’t allow the people column to to be used in the form… just like the status columns are. Is it something I’m missing?

@Miltime19 would love to understand more of what you’re looking to accomplish. Can you send us an email at Happy to investigate more with you and see what your options are now that we added the integration “when new item is created assign creator” - I look forward to hearing from you! Cheers!

We would love to use forms to update existing items. My suggestion is, to have an optional Dropdown in the form to select an existing item. Any chance to get this feature? This would make Boards with lots of columns and functions much easier to use!

Thanks :slight_smile: