Auto assign board owner based on people column


Have a question regarding board automations.

I have set-up an automation for my team which automatically creates a new board based on a status change. However, everytime a new board is created by the automation, I get assigned as a board owner.

Is it possible to ensure that the person who triggers the automation gets assigned as a board owner instead? Or for example the person who is linked to the item via a ‘person’ column?

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Hi @Rosina_Ankomah - At this time there isn’t a way to set who the owner of a board is via automation. The owner will always be set to the owner (creator) of the automation.

What we have done in the past is create a separate account to run the automations (like a bot account) and set the automation ownership to that account (if you have a spare license). Also, make sure that when you create the new board via automation to ideally have it set to a main and not private (if that works for you permissions wise). Then the admins on your account can set the proper ownership when they are notified.

Board ownership can be set in your monday settings > Admin > Users > Automation Ownership Tab:

There may be ways to set ownership via outside tooling such as Zapier and Integromat… Maybe not the answer you were hoping for but I hope this helps!


Hi @Rosina_Ankomah,

I second @mark.anley his comment. If you use a third party app you can ask the developer of that app to assign the person who initiated the status change. I have a small app that shows that it is possible to do so. The example app can be installed through and is called “Assign to me”. Me in this case is the user who clicked the button NOT the owner of the automation :slight_smile:

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thank you Bas!

May I be blunt and ask you an additional question?

I’m trying to set up a task list where every task has it’s own deadline based on one date (start of the project). So, for example, task one is due 5 days after the start date, task two is due 7 days after the start date etc.

is there a way to set this up per item in Monday?


Hi Rosina,

All automations within monday work on the board level, therefore you can’t have different automations setup per item. As an alternative you can copy the start date to each item and add columns to indicate the number of days to set another date column. You then add the number you entered in the number column by using a formula of by using the General Castor app found in the marketplace.