Assign person column based on creator of pulse

I would like the ability to set an owner column based on the creator of the pulse.

Right now, in automations, I can only set a certain team or person.


Love this idea. We have a few team boards that I think this would be a great addition to!

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Hey @CoreyBHH and @Krishele,

Thank you for sharing your use case.

For feedback purposes how would this help your workflow? Would you mind explaining the scenario you would need this for?

I would like to learn more about your use case to pass along to our team for review. :slight_smile:


We have a Marketing Board that we use for listing/tracking of high level projects. We ask members to add things to the board and occassionally they will forget to set themselves as an owner. If we can get a pulse to automatically assign itself to the user account who created it that would be great.

Hi @JustinJ,

We have a board that helps us keep track of a certain task in one of our systems that happens frequently. We have the employee that requires the task to be completed for them to assign themselves as the owner. The employee will sometimes forget that step, so if it was automated that would help tremendously.

I have Monday for personal use so all tasks in my case should be assigned to me. With there was a way to give a column of People a default value.

Hi @gurt - welcome to the community! Thanks for adding to the conversation :slight_smile:

We now have an automation that will allow you to do this:

Can you give this a try?

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I was looking for exactly that - thanks for making it! Is there a way to have this on a template level. Our use case is we have a master template that creates a board once a contract is executed. I can’t get this automation to carry over into the new boards created from the template. I need the items within the template to be by default assigned to the creator of the board. Currently we are having to go and assign multiple tasks to the board owner/creator and getting inundated with notifications. I only want it to notify new people that are added to certain tasks. Is this an option and i am missing it?

Would love this on the subitem level as well

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Just came here to give this a bump. We would love this feature as well. We have a project manager column that is almost always the person who created the item. But it isn’t always the creator, which is why we can’t use the created by field for notifications.

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This would be so handy!