Custom Template - assign owner/date when creating new board

I’ve created a board template with multiple tasks in groups - two columns are a date (dead line) and a responsible person column.
I have an automation which sets the due date and assign the creator as the owner, which works well when creating a new item within the board.

However, my goal is to auto-fill these two columns for all 50+ tasks in the template when someone creates the board from my custom template. For example, is Janine creates a new board today on the 6th of October from the template, all tasks created based on the template should get Janine set as the Person and the due date set to today + 6 days (the two automations I created, which work well for manual new items)

Hi @MKirschner - I dont believe there is a way to do as you have seen, when new boards are created from templates the item creation triggers do not run.

What I can suggest is adding a Button column to the template and download the Column Magic app from the Market place. Column magic will allow for the setting of a People column to the current user on press.

You can then set the following automation on button click:

Just instruct the users to select all the tasks at once on the board then click the button and it will backfill for all tasks.

Hope this helps,