Automations + Last Update Column

Hello, I hope you are well.

I have one more doubt or more than doubt comment regarding the automation of items.

When I make a change, I have a board where it activates automation to create an item in another board. On the other board, there is a Last Update column. And regardless of the person who triggers the automation to create an item in the other board, I will always be the last update since I made the automation.
I thought about creating a last update column on the first board and creating the item on the second board, but the automation does not support the Last Update columns.

Would you happen to know how to fix this?
The rest of the team and I must see who is doing or triggering the automation to create a new item.


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Hi @AndresG! I have done some digging and regretfully, it isn’t currently possible to change this behaviour. At this time there is no way to stop the automation creator from displaying unless you were to adjust the column settings to only show the date - which I know isn’t your goal. That said, I am interested if you could instead set up the last updated column in board 1 to accurately view who triggered the automation on the item and mirror this column into board 2?

Hi @BiancaT.

I was thinking about what you said, but using a mirror column would not be very useful, as multiple people can use the same item. That would mean that every time a person activates the automation, it would be reflected as a different person in the mirror.

Thinking “out loud”, a theoretical solution would be to use an external app where you copy the mirror, but even then, to activate it, you would have to change some columns of the second board. This change would have to be triggered automatically, maybe with another column that push date or something similar but even so it is very complicated.

The best thing would be to create an item with the last update column. Just copy the content of that column from board 1 to board 2 together with the automatization.

Hmm, it is a quite a tricky one…

I do agree that an external app might offer a better solution for you here. That said, I have come across the column magic app in the apps marketplace which includes recipes that look like they can help achieve your goal…

However… I am running into some performance issues with it so have followed up with the app developers and will keep you updated. That said, feel free to give it a go incase you get it working on your end :+1:

Magic Columns and I don’t get along very well.
The most logical solution would be to be able to copy the Last update column. Integrate it into the automation when moving an item from one board to another.

In any case, thanks for your suggestions.

Sorry to hear of that :confused: That said, I definitely agree with your solution and have shared your feedback with our product team. Feel free to post any feature ideas/requests here, Submit an Idea - monday Community Forum - the more people see it and vote for it, the better :smiling_face:

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