"Last Updated" column reflecting the automation owner

I have been finding that wherever we have a Last Updated column on our boards and an automation is triggered, it’s showing that I was the last to update the item because I am the board owner/automation owner. Is there any way to have it show that it was last updated by an automation instead of incorrectly indicating that I made an update? Thank you.

Not yet, unfortunately. If you are mainly using the last updated column for the date the item was last updated (not the person) then you can hide the user from this column in the column settings.

Hi @ClaireM-HD

Following Madeline’s reply, feel free to add this as a new feature request in that section explaining why this would be helpful to your use case :slight_smile:


Thank you @madeline and @Julia-monday.com. I will look into submitting this as a feature request. :slightly_smiling_face:

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