Last Updated Member not Accurate


We have noticed on our board that more often then not, the person identified as the one to make the last update is not accurate. I have not been able to identify what could be causing this.

We have an automation that runs when something is marked with a ‘Done’ status to move the item to a ‘Resolved’ group. Another automation runs from that same action to give the item a completed date. The member that has created the board and the automations is credited with giving the latest update after those automations run. This occurs with about 75% of the completed items, even though they have not input any update or made any changes to the entry item. We have tried to manually move items to the ‘Resolved’ group rather than changing the status to ‘Done’, but this will still occur.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Cabbett08 :wave:

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Currently, if an action is caused by an automation, it is expected that the action would show up in the last updated as accredited to whichever user created that automation.
That said, moving items manually across groups should show the user who moved the item in the last updated column.

Would you be able to manually move an item across groups and then share with us a screen shot of the activity log for this item?
You can find this by selecting the speech bubble next to the item name, and then selecting the activity log tab.
Feel free to blank out any sensitive data.

It would also be great to see the automations on the board in order to better understand your workflow as a whole.
Once I have a little more information I’ll be able to do a deeper dive into this and we can go from there! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Here are some screenshots of the automations and 3 activity logs of test items I created. I would move them to our ‘Resolved’ group by using both methods of changing status and dragging them manually. The last updated member reflected accurately on all three of these.

I think they are accurate now because I was digging around in our board settings to try and find the cause. I did modify some automations and one column. After modifying the last updated column, all items in our board displayed the account I was logged in as to be the last updating member. All other tickets we created after that have been correctly crediting our members.

On another note, I was wondering if there might be a better way to accomplish what we are doing. We use Monday as a help desk ticket system and would like to track metrics on when members ‘resolves’ and item.