Move Item / Create Item Automation has bugs

While the Move Item / Create Item on another board automation works, we keep finding “bugs” within these.

An example of this is when an item on one of our boards is triggered to move to another board, the automation is not carrying the information over to the new board properly. Columns will be wrong on the board the item was moved to / information is changing / subitems don’t carry over randomly.

We have triple checked out automations and the only conclusion we can come to is that this is a bug.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Hi@Servion123 ,

This issue usually caused by a mismatch between the columns on the two boards. Make sure that the columns on the destination board are exactly the same as the columns on the source board, including the column types.
You can also try clearing the cache for your browser and for

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Thank you but all the columns are correct and this error only happens randomly