Setting up automated notification when Last Updated reaches 10 days

hi Everyone, I’d like to set up an automated notification for when a given item’s Last Updated date reaches 10 days. The goal here is to make sure things don’t sit for too long without any action taking place.

Anyone have a good way to do this?

BTW, this would be set at the Account level in to ensure the salesperson knows it’s been 10 days since anyone did anything with a given Account.

Thanks in advance, Patrick

Hi @pgraves - Welcome to the community! There’s no simple way to do this account wide with native functionality. You could set up a series of Automations that push dates based on changes to columns and new updates, but those would need to be set up and managed per board. If you have a lot of salespeople, that would quickly become troublesome.

You could probably do this for now with Integromat or even have a small custom monday Automations app built to handle it. Eventually there will be more support for client-side dynamic columns like progress, last updated and formulas in Automations.

Hi @pgraves,

I don’t see any way of doing it natively, however the workaround I would use in your situation would be to train your team (or just delegate to one person) to regularly use the “sort” feature, and sort the “last updated” column from oldest to newest, and then you’ll catch the items that haven’t been updated recently at the top of your items.



I don’t understand why is the Last Updated column is not an option here? I even tried to do a work around by creating an automation that would copy the value of Last Updated into a date column…no dice. Once you start getting into, sometimes the automation tool is very limited in functionality.


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