Automated review date

Is there a way to automate a review date on am item based on the last updated field?
For example review date = Last updated + 6 months

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Currently, the last update column is not accessible to any automations.

I believe this would need a custom app or 3rd party integration. However, if you are at all technically inclined, it would be easy with an Integromat scenario. Depending on the activity of the board, You might be able to get away with using a free account. I think that this could be accomplished in 2 steps.

Thanks Jim.
I think that has given me some direction

Hey @IDavies, can you let me know a bit about why you were looking to have an automation like this? How would it improve your workflow concretely?

Like @JCorrell mentioned, it’s not possible to create an automation like the one you’re looking for with the last updated column, so I’d love to learn more to see if I can make any other suggestions :blush:

I am currently using Monday to track different customers/suppliers/vendors which I monitor regularly. I want to set a reminder or flag for each customer to be reviewed say every 3months and I thought a good way would be to have a rolling 3 month cycle based on last updated date, rather than set a review date manually. Hope that makes sense and welcome any other suggestions