Is it possible to trigger time/date automations on a « last-update » column?

Hey everyone !

I want to make an automation about a status column, triggered by a date based on last update.

Basically, 7 days after last update, I need an automation which will change the status of one of my columns. The problem is the last update format is not considered as a date column, so I can’t select my last column update when I want to set up my automation :

My last update column in my dashboard :

Not selectable in the automation builder :

Is there any other way to proceed ?

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi @Ayn - you are correct that you cannot utilize the last updated column within these types of automations. If there are specific columns you want to monitor and trigger this off of you could setup automations such as “when column changes set date to today and push date by 7 days”. Then use your above automation to set the status.

Hope this helps,

It’s working well, thanks for your help !

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