Move an item based on STATUS after a specific period of time has elapsed

I want to move an item to another board but only when the STATUS = DONE and the LAST UPDATED is > 2 weeks. I can’t find a template that uses Last Updated date, and it doesn’t give me the option to leverage the column when I try to build from scratch.

Hey Sarah!

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You’re probably running into this issue with the Last Updated column because it is not currently supported in mapping automation recipes (i.e. moving items from one board to another).

As a workaround, would you consider using a regular Date Column to trigger this automation? You will have to manually set the date in there to match the Last Updated column but perhaps it could be helpful still?

Otherwise, perhaps you could use the automation recipe you described but without the condition of the Last Updated column.

Let us know what you think!

The issue there is no way to trigger off the last updated column being 2 weeks in the past, with the condition of status. A custom automation that allows the status column to be a condition, can’t be triggered from the last updated value.

There would need to be an automation to “When any column changes, set date to today” and the date then used in the automation that checks if a date is 2 weeks in the past, and the condition of the status.

I was able to create a rule to update my ‘completed date’ column with today’s date whenever a task is marked ‘done’, but the rule that I wrote to move the task after two weeks from that completion date is not working.
It is worded like this: 2 Weeks after Completion Date has arrived and only if Status is DONE, move item to BOARD. I then tested it by creating a test task with the completion date > 2 weeks in the past and status = DONE.

Second test, I set it for 13 days in the past and I will wait to see if it is looking specifically for exactly two weeks (tomorrow), so we’ll see if that works. I was hoping it would look for anything > 2 weeks old that was marked DONE.

Those recipes only trigger and run at the time of day specified in the recipe, and if I’m not mistaken will only act on those precisely that age at that time. This is because it doesn’t want to repeat for 2 weeks + 1 day, +2day +3day on items it already did it for (there isn’t any data structure to track those that have already been acted on).