How to move item to other group by judge time and update automatically?

I want to write a formula that

  1. if the testing date is between 2021/6/1 to 2022/5/31, and

  2. it is not expired(another date called deadline).

  3. If any item met above conditions then move to another group.

And I want it can update automatically once a year(on every 6/1). How should I do?

I’m freshman in Monday. This my first time to write formula.

Hey @Lilian1223,

At this time, this specific recipe isn’t currently supported in the platform. That said, I think we can workaround this and set something up using the recipes that exist.

In order to set this up as close to your end goal as possible, you’d need 3 date columns and a status column.

1 date column to represent the starting date timeline (2012/6/1) and another to represent the end date timeline (2022/5/31). You will need another date column to represent that deadline date you mentioned.

After setting those up, you will want to set up a status column to indicate when the deadline date has passed, which will automatically set the status to expired through an automation.

You can then set up a recipe that will move the item to the relevant group once the start date has passed, as long as the status isn’t set to expired:

Could something like this work for you?

You can also set up automations recipes for each of the date columnsto push the dates by 365 days if you’d like this to repeat yearly.

I hope this helps in some way!