Automation to move to a Group when date arrives, with conditions


Can anyone help with this please?

I’m trying to create an automation which is essentially:
When date arrives, if condition A is met and condition B is met, move item to Group X.
or even the following might work (most of the time):
When date arrives, if condition A is met, move item to Group X.

This is our Payments board and I’d like the payment item to move to a group called “Payments due today” when the date in column “Send Date” arrives.

However, I want to exclude items that are in a different group that means we wouldn’t send payment, for example if the item is in the group “In Query”.

Ideally, I’d also like a condition to not move the item if the Status is “Done” (it’s possible a payment might be sent in advance of the date given in the “Send Date” column), but we could get round this if not possible to have two conditions.

All I’ve found is either “When date arrives… move to Group” with no conditions, or “When date arrives… but only if…” with only a status change, not a move to a different group.

Hey Maz! :wave:

Happy to help with this! :blush: The best workaround to have an automation not apply to a specific group would be to add a new Status or Dropdown Column that you only use in one group.

For example, if the group you are trying to exclude in this automation is “In Query”, you would set up a Status Column and make a status label "In Query and select it on all the “In Query” group’s items. You would leave the Status Column blank in the other groups (or change the status labels to reflect the other group names as well).

Then, your automation could look something like this:

To add the second condition, you’ll use your regular Status Column where you have the regular “Done” status label you mentioned. It can look something like this:

You can use a condition for only allowing items from one group to trigger the automation, but it sounds like in your use case, you are trying to make sure items from all groups except one are able to be triggered by this automation.

Regardless, here’s an example of the automation only applying to one group:

Let me know what you think of these options! I’d love to know if this helps you achieve your workflow or if you need something different! :blush:

That’s perfect, thank you. All set up.