Create an exclusion for an automation

I have a board set up with groups relating to time left before a certain date. Pulses are automatically moved to different groups depending on how many days left until the date. Some pulses are marked as “done” before they reach the date but because of the automation, they get moved back out of the DONE group. Is there a way to exclude a pulse with the status of “done” from being moved to the different groups? Or to exclude an item from an automation based on certain criteria?

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Hello @mikayla,

Have you tried with this automation? You may combine the remaining days with the status “done” and only move the items when both conditions are met:

  • When date arrives and status is something, move item to group.
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Hi Mikayla,

I am interested in how you set up your automation to move items to groups based on “Time left before certain date”.

I can’t find an automation that fits this and have the same set up of groups that you are talking about.

Looking forward to hearing back from you or anyone with some insight on this.



Hi Elliot!

In the automations center choose the automation “When date arrives, archive the item”. When you click on the “When” selection, choose the bottom radio button that shows number of days, and then you can choose “before” or “after” date arrives.

Hopefully, I explained this properly!

Thanks Mikayla,

I forgot I asked this and figured it out when looking at another persons screenshot on an unrelated topic. I had an “AhHA!” moment.

For anyone else coming across this issue, what made me realise was when you look at the recipes if anything is in bold it can be altered.

Some recipes say when and some say when.

Currently (29-07-2020) custom recipes cannot alter the “when”.

Hope this helps the next person!