Move item to another board 30 days after completion date

Hello! I have a “completion date” column for items on my board. When the completion date + 30 days = today, I want the item to move to another board. I have used the formula field to give me a “move date” but I can’t figure out how to move the item to the other board automatically.

The formula I am using for the move date is ADD_DAYS({Completion Date},30).

Is it possible to add to the formula something like: IF (ADD_DAYS({Completion Date},30)=today move item to “other board”

I could do that easily if the column I am trying to compare were a date, but it shows up as a formula field and so is not viewable as a date if I try to make a date automation.

I’ve looked through the FAQs but couldn’t find a question like this one.

You can do this via a custom automation.

When DATE arrives (you select any number of days before or after) move item to board

Apologies I have just seen you are not using a date column, but a formula derived date.
That’s the limitation of formula’s I’m afraid, they cant be used in automations or integrations, I have no idea why it seems a massive shortfall to me.

Have you considered moving away from formula?
Could this be achieved by this recipe:

When item is created set completion date to creation date plus 30 days
When item is created set move date to creation date plus 60 days
When move date arrives move item to board

Thank you for your response! When I try to create that, I am not able to add 30 or 60 days. I only have the option to set something to today. Am I missing something?

edit: I figured it out… I need to use push date instead of set date. :slight_smile: thanks again!

I spoke too soon! I can get the start date to set when I create an item. when I try to push a date to another column that date does not show up in the new column at all.

I am using this
When ‘completion date’ arrives push ‘move date’ by 30 days

I did a test with some new items and added completion dates of today and yesterday just to check but the move date does not get populated.

I’m really getting frustrated. Why does everything have to be so convoluted?

I’ve also tried when “project status” changes to “done” set move date to today + 30 days.
“Project status” sets completion date to ‘today’ and that works fine. I am having issues with anything that is not today.

I’ve found that you have to set the dates to today.
Then as you said push it by a number of days.

see screen shot I think this should do what you need.

essentially a date needs to exist before it can be pushed, or it will fail.

Hey @kopzy1 ~ Welcome to the Community!

If your main goal is to move an item to a new board once it’s 30 days passed the due date, then you can use this automation:

As mentioned earlier, it’s possible to set the “When” portion of the recipe to being 30 days after the date arrives:

You are also free to continue using the custom automations you have created that set the date to today + ## days if that’s been working for you!

Hope this helps! Remember to solve this if your answer has been found :slight_smile:


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