Automating Item Creation with Date pushed by existing date


I am having trouble setting up a specific automation.

To preface, I will explain the context.

I have two boards, boardA and boardB.
in boardA, there is a Date column we shall call {dateA}.
in boardB, there is a Date column we shall call {dateB}.

My objective is that when {dateA} is changed, a new item in boardB is created, and the {dateB} value will be {dateA}-1 day

Does anyone know how I can achieve this?

Apologies if I am not very clear, I don’t know how to explain it properly.

Thanks for your time.


You can set this up using

Hope this helps

I have an app that can help.

You can have a date be set +/- a number of days from another date column.

Take a look here: Date & Timeline Mutations -

Just map date A to board B in a different column. On board b when item is created take date A minus 1 day and set date B.

You can try the native monday push date option and try putting a -1 in the number field but I am not sure it takes it.