Alert Window to stop / continue a manually triggered automation

I am planning on a workflow sending out a sequence of emails. Right now the first email will be triggered by Changing the Status of an Item to Status A and that will send the first email.
A week later an automation will look fro all “Status A” and will set them to “Status B” and send the second E-Mail.

I want to avoid that my users do reset the Status to an earlier or later stage manually without giving them the chance to reconsider.

In my windows world that would be a Warning Window saying sth like “Do you really want to do this?”

How do I get that accomplished in monday?

BR; Bernd

Hi @BGK0311 ,

Would it be beneficial to limit the ability to change status all together? To my knowledge, the ability for a pop-up warning does not exist.
But what you could do instead is restrict column edit to just yourself or a small handful of people so the risk of accidental status changes is minimized.
To do this:
Find the status column → Three dots → Settings → Restrict Column Edit → Select which users you would like to have edit privileges

It is important to note that this is only available to Pro and Enterprise plans - for more information on column permissions see article below

Hi @kaylak,
Interresting … I will definitely try that one!

Thank you!

Is there a way or make a pop-up warning come up if a specific status is selected like “Are you sure” ?