Notification via automation when column text = x


We use a form to collect marketing collateral requests. I would like to create an automation where:

A form request is submitted > the name of the requester is Jane Doe or John Albert > an email or alert is sent to Jane/John’s manager.

I have been able to create an automation that sends the manager an email when ANY pulse is added, but have not been able to determine how to specify that it is only sent when one of those two names is in the ‘Name’ column.

Thank you!

only sent when one of those two names is in the ‘Name’ column

I might suggest using the Status column instead of the Name column. It’s easier to set automations and notifications with messages using the status columns.

That does work, thanks! I’m hoping to be able to use the email as an option, since we get a log of requests from different people and setting each one as a status is more work than I’d hope for :slight_smile: Efficiency is my goal but good to know a status would be an option!

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