Is it possible to use the Email column as the email address for sending out notifications?

We are using a form to capture the email address during data entry. We would like to use that email address as the emailto: portion of an automation. We are not seeing that as an option in the notification setup.

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Onde vote for this one. I’m in need of this feature also.
Actually my email column is a mirror column. I need to use this mirror column in my automation for sending emails.

We’ve been asking for this as well for a while. But it’s still not possible. At the moment we have to manually copy the email into another separate column to be able to then set up an integration to automate an email.

Would be good to hear back from the administrators as to when this will happen.

Hi @CFcut @arganville and @jdavies-IDD! I wanted to understand a bit more the pain point here - the email column is supported by forms as well as the email integration to send out notifications to those who filled out your form. I’d love to understand more so I can pass this onward to our team to improve! Cheers!

Hi Laura,

The process for us is to capture the email address at time of the form entry. Later in the board/process use that email address to send out a notification email with an automation. That automation maybe be two days later, it may be two weeks later. Make sense?

@jdavies-IDD - yes! The email column is not supported by automations - you would have to use the email integration to notify those who filled out the form with their email address regardless if they are users/guests/non-users. Does that help clarify? I’d like to understand the need for the email column within automation vs email integration and how that would help your use case :slight_smile:

I guess the difference is the automation vs the integration. The email may be a third party, so the users/guests/non-users is good. However, we want this to be an automated process, so that we don’t have to click on the email address, fill out an email, and hit send. We know exactly what we want to “say” and who to say it too. Logic to me would say that should be an automated response. Does that help?

Hi @jdavies-IDD -how could you automate the filling in of an email address?

have to click on the email address, fill out an email, and hit send.

Generally if the email column is supported via forms, whoever fills out the form would fill this in. You would then need to trigger the recipe to send the email.

Apologies for the back and forth but want to understand what we are missing so we can improve this :slight_smile:

No worries. “Tech support” via email can be challenging.

The email address is entered by a person filling out the form. (screen capture of form attached.) Once the form is filled out a pulse is created. The pulse is set in a status of “Inbound”. After the items are received, the status is changed
to “Received”. The desire is to have an automated email is to be sent to the person responsible for the inspection of the items. (the email address captured at the form entry) This is where there seems to be a disconnect. We have captured the email address,
but don’t see a way to have Monday send an automated email message to that address. We are not seeing that data as an option in the automation. Does that help clarify?





Yes! Super helpful - again email integration can achieve this (Outlook or Gmail - they have the same recipe):

You’ll need to choose “email column” in the someone section.

That will then send an email to the email listed in the email column upon a status change as the trigger.


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OK, so I’m not familiar with the integrations. Do we need to set up each user with the Outlook integration then? As I just clicked to add the integration, Monday/Outlook is looking for me to add my Outlook account data. So that tells me that we would have to add that integration to each individual that might be using the board, right?

Hi Laura.

I have a board for managing airplane tickets booked to the employees of my company. Whenever the status of the ticket changes to booked, the employee, associated to the ticket, should receive an email with the information regarding the booking.

This board is configured with a Link to item column that points to my employees board. Additionally I have set up a mirror column from where I get the employee’s email address. I would like to set up an automation that uses this email column (mirror). Unfortunately the Gmail integration recipe does not recognize the mirrored column as an option for the destination email (someone)

Hi @agranville - correct mirror columns are not yet supported on automations or integrations. You’d need to have the email column on your specific board for the workflow to be completed successfully. Our team is aware of the limitation with the mirror column and looking into ways to help include this as well in to automations and integrations - stay tuned!

@jdavies-IDD - the email will be sent from whoever connects to the board with their Outlook account. Only 1 person needs to set it up initially unless you want the email to come from different users within monday,com?


OK. I see this as a work around solution. I do see one big flaw in it. If I set up my outlook account as the activated outlook account, every notification will come from me. Which then makes it difficult for someone to search their emails coming from me. It will muddy up things a bit.

I realize that the integration is a solution, but I don’t think it is a very elegant one. I also realize that this is the best we have for now. Would it be possible to request this as an added feature in the future. If we are capturing the data already it would be nice to have that field built into an automation as well as an integration. Monday is already sending emails/notifications with other automations and data/addresses gathered in the system.

Hi @jdavies-IDD - I hear what you’re saying. Automations are entirely internal for those who are part of your account and not for sending emails externally.

Who is filling out your form? Are these people part of your account as a guest or user? Are they colleagues at your organization or outside clients?


Thanks for the information Laura!

All should be colleagues, however not all are using Monday.

We use 12 integrations with gmail, 6 per email address…2 email address are collected using form.

As status of an order changes customers are sent emails with details about their order.

Super useful…should be whats needed for this request!