Integration with Gmail when it can detect emails from a mirrored email column

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I am currently working on a Sales board, where I have customer emails is a mirrored columns from a 2 way connection board named Customer detail board.
So, I want to create an integration whenever I change Status to Done, it will send an email to my customers with production information and the email will retrieve from the mirrored email column. I tried but it didn’t work as it didn’t detected the email column from mirrored column.
Could you please help? It would be great to have this feature, and it make Monday a more completed CRM system.
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Hey @vietminhk14 - I’ve had the same issue in my CRM. If anyone from is reading this - please add this feature! :pray:

I’ll show you what we did to work around this even if it’s not pretty.

First, we made a text column and called it “Text Email”.

The Gmail integrations and automations can pick up email addresses from a text column:

Now all we need to do is pull the email address from the mirror column into that new text column. We use a 3rd party app called General Caster to “cast” the email address from the mirror column into the text column. (Just a heads up, this app costs a monthly subscription after a certain amount of actions!).

Here we set up the integration recipe to take the email address from the mirror column. Here is one recipe that we can use:

At this point, we’d do a “data update” and trigger that automation by changing a column on each item so that the “Text Email” field gets filled. Then your automations/integrations are ready to build.

@tanner_elevate - anything you’d add to this?
@vietminhk14 - Let me know if you have any questions!

I just ran into this exact same issue. I hope this is a very easy fix for the Monday team. It’s the one hang up I have in getting my whole system working automatically.

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Thank you, but it didn’t work for automation to pull emails from email column (either text or email format).

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Yes, I am working in tech sector, and I think it isn’t hard to add this feature.

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This is actually unfucking real to me that it isn’t implemented, it is such a necessary and basic feature for a platform claiming to provide CRM capabalities.

OFCOURSE i’m going to pull an email from a seprate CRM board onto MANY other boards and i’m going to want to use their profile to email them, this is unbelieveable, and from a tech standpoint I KNOW they have mirror columns as triggers for things so it’s possible to include mirrors in automations.

For the absolute love of god @Monday make this happen please


You can email directly to a mirror email column using spot-nik’s Supermail app. It’s amazing for that and many reasons, including the cc feature. No more janky replicated email addresses in every board.