Set automation using the email column from the different board

Hi. I have 2 Boards: Properties and Сontacts. So each property has a contact, that is linked to contacts board and several fields from the Сontact board are mirrored in Properties board - email, phone, company. I want to set up an automation - if status changes (or date is overdue), send email to the contact. And I can’t choose email field to send the letter from the Property board, where its mirrored from the contact board. For the emailing purposes, the system doesn’t see the email column, mirrored from the Contact board in the Property board. And you can’t choose the email column from the Contact Board, when you set up an automation for the Property Board. So, how can i trigger an еmail sending using an email column from the Contact (or any other) Board ?

Hi there - you will need to utilize an app like General Caster or Column Magic to cast/copy from Mirror columns to actual email or text columns. Mirror columns are not supported.

Also, text columns can be used in email integrations as well.


Hi @mdzemtsov,

You can quikly achieve this with VLOOKUP.
Link your mirrored columns to an email or text columns on the same or across multiple boards.

Then create Automation using the new column. The synchronization is seamless, so you don’t have to do it by hand.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to use automation on a mirrored column using VLOOKUP.

If you need any assistance with VLOOKUP, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated support team at Our team is always happy to help you with any queries or concerns.


Thank you Mark, that helped !!

Thanks! I will definitely explore this option as well!