Sending email in automations when the email address is in a Mirrored column

I’ve researched but could not find the answer.

I have a board where I want to send emails using automations. But, the email address in this board is on a Mirror column. Therefore I can not use it in the automation as the destination email.
I’ve tried using Formula to pull the email address from the mirror column, but formula also doesn’t work in automations.

Any workaround?


I have the same issue! There should be an easy fix, but Im new to

I have a very similar issue; I cannot utilize mirrored columns with emails for automations. It’s very frustrating!

Same issue - would love a solution here if there is one. Otherwise, this would be a helpful feature.

Seems so basic, need this as well!

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Nir from Jetpackapps here. Wanted to let you know that our app VLOOKUP Auto-link does what you need- VLOOKUP can link email address column to multiple boards while keeping monday automations, permissions and reporting.

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

Is there a native solution to this?
I’m quite tired of functionality falling short of what can reasonably be expected, so that they can support a developer community filling the gaps with pay-to-use apps. Presumably Monday love this as they get a cut of the sales?
Is there another solution out there that does not prioritize profit in this way?


This is exactly what is happening. The mirror columns are not a specialty feature, they are integrated in every board I have set up and really just a basic spreadsheet feature. Email automations are useless to me because I don’t need automations on the board storing my contacts, I need them on the boards that mirror the email address. When I signed up I reluctantly had to go with pro because I planned to use a lot of automations, but has thwarted me so many time with this nonsense that I can’t build 75% of what I wanted. It’s not like they tell you about stuff like this up front. Now they know how hard it will be for us to switch.

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soo anoying if someone found a workaround i would love to hear it