Using Mirror Column to send emails


I am trying to automate the process of sending emails to contractor to invite them to tender for a project, however the contractors details are stored on an alternative board.

Currently I am try to use a connected board columns to select the contractors and then using the mirror fields to populate the email addresses however, In automations I have got as far as when a column is updated, send an email but there is no option to use the mirror field as the sender, yet it is available to add within the email body. The connected board field also doesn’t show up in the email body or email field.

Can anyone let me know of any work arounds for these issue.

In my opinion these are necessary features, as it is not feasible to store all this information in one board.

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Hi. I advice you to consider VLOOKUP marketplace app - An alternative to monday mirror columns that can use for automations, reporting and more. You can see a comparison table here.

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Hi Nir… thanks for the advice… Just a question, So Monday can’t support in automation sending mrror email… Am I right? Rgds Kevin

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Yup. Automations are not supported for a mirrored column

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Hi @Zak.harris :wave:

Glad to see you’ve had some help - how did you get on with VLOOOKUP? Did you try it?

I caught your post and thought I’d let you know about an app in the Marketplace called ‘Column Magic’. If you search for it, you’ll see you can use their free plan for up to 1000 actions/‘sparks’ per month, which should accommodate what you’re trying to do.

Essentially, this app would let you copy the content (reflection) of your mirror column and put it into a text column, which the automations can read. The recipe looks something like this:

I hope that is helpful if not for your current usecase then for something in the future.
Feel free to give me a shout or have a quick chat any time.

Kind regards,

Peta Bolger
Services Consultant at upstream

phone: +61 3 9067 5611

Hi Peta,

I really appreciate you getting in touch.

I have implemented this but this doesn’t seem to be the best work around for me, as the target column needs to match the source column exactly to populate the target column value. This is unlike a connected board where it brings up a search bar and you are able to type a few letters before selecting the option you are looking for.

Being that i don’t always know the source column (item name) exactly, it relies on me looking up the fields within the source column board and if I am doing this, I may as well copy and paste it into the relevant fields.

Now I don’t know if I have implemented it wrong or if there is a work around but in its current state I don’t see this being usable for me unless I am able to pull the information from a connected board or it having the ability to provide the same function in some way.