Automatisation and e-mail

Hello everyone,

I have an order tracking table that is linked to a contact table. In my contact table, I have added an email column. In my order table, I have added a mirror column to display the email. The problem is that I want to create an automation to send an email to my client when the status changes, but I cannot select the mirror email column. I am forced to use another column and enter the information manually. Do you know if there is a solution?
Thank you.

Hey Jeremy!

Unfortunately, the functionality for mirror columns in automations is very limited so your best option is to add the email column to the order tracking table instead of using a mirror column of it.

However, if you have too many email addresses that you feel manually adding each of them again will take too much time, you can export the contact table to Excel and then import the email column in Excel back to the order tracking table.

Let us know if you think this workaround could help!

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