Feature Request - Outlook/Email integration to support mirror column(s)

To my knowledge, at the moment integrations do not support the mirror columns and therefore it won’t allow you to select the mirror column to trigger it. Only native columns can be selected on integrations.

Scenario: Billing Reminders (Notification by Email)

  • Have a Master Contacts board (List) of contacts complete with contact details, address, phone, email, etc…
  • Build a Billing Reminders Board (List), where that the contact is connected/linked to master contact board, and mirror a column for email only on the Billing Reminder Board. (Giving one data source to edit contact changes).
  • Billing Reminder Board - Have a column for Next Billing Cycle (Date) and set an automation to send an email reminder that all invoices/bills are due to AP by certain date.

Since mirror columns are not supported, we are having to enter the email manually once again (leaving room for error and additional tasks if contact changes email addresses).

Please see loom recording showing the attempt to use integration: https://www.loom.com/share/b756988d4b2f4e5ea5eb44fd0f351a27

Simple support for mirror column would resolve this and I am sure many other Scenarios.

Thank you for the consideration!

@rwb-wesgriffith Hello!
I believe VLOOKUP app can help you auto-link email columns between board.
It’s free to use between two board.
Try it and let me know your feedback.

It seems nice but the basic option is too expensive, it should be included as a native feature


did you find a solution to this? sooo frustrating the automations/Intergrations should allow the use of the mirrored columns - any update?

Agree with the need here! I see a lot of people on this site using a centralized board for personnel information. Enabling automations within mirror columns will make those central repositories all the more efficient.

Another vote for this feature. I want to maintain a master list of trainers for an annual event. Not every trainer attends every year - so I pull in the trainer to their sessions for this year with linked boards.

But I also need email reminders of when their information is due on their session. So far I am not finding a way to do this.

This is an absolute disgrace and unreasonable that a platform claiming to provide automatic emailing / crm WOULD NOT ALLOW YOU TO CONNECT TO A CRM BOARD FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE AND EMAIL A PERSON YOU CONNECTED

It’s honestly unacceptable that I have to resort to expensive and unreliable third party solutions for this, this is embrassing to explain to people about the product and I cannot believe that is not build in. Unfathomable.