Pulse creation method -> Status column

I am trying to keep track of how new pulses are submitted to a board so I can do some analytics on it later.

I would like to be able to automate a status column so that I can show that a pulse was submitted via email, via the web form view, via an automation, via an integration, or any other method that a pulse can be created.

Hi @KShook ,

You just need to have an extra status column having values like Created Via Email,Created Via Form and manually it can be set to default.
While setting up an item using automatio ,integratio or via from you can the default value in each set of trigger.

Hope it clear to you.

Hi @aquibk,

It would work to do that if the item was created by automation. However, for example, the “Email to board” function creates an item without any automation being triggered differently, and there doesn’t appear to be any way for an automation to be triggered based on something being emailed in, for example.

I do have the extra status column, I just don’t have a way to automatically set it to a value for email, form, typed directly into the board, integration, etc.

@KShook ,

Got your point…!!

To fulfill this kind of requirement, You need to explicitly set the value of that particular status column.
For e.g. If an item is being created through form we can have that status column as mandatory field to be put in like Form.
And for emails we can put an automation like when an item is created and status is not something set this.
I hope this will help you a bit.

@aquibk That’s a good idea… Except I can’t see a way to do that. If I add the field to a form, the user can choose whatever they want - They could choose “email” or “phone” instead of “web form”. Instead, I would need to create a column that has only one option and then manually copy that over to another column. At that point, the value is gone. I can already try to figure out based on the submission where it came from if it’s going to be a manual process.

Thanks for trying to help with a workaround though!

@KShook ,There is one another way to get the items classified on how being created through Emails,Form and through board itself.
The simplest way to get it done is to have the groups named as Form,Email and Default.
We can then specify the entry being created in the corresponding.

Hope this will also help you a bit.

For more details : You can also email me at aquibcs@outlook.com