Auto Populated Field / Pulse Name?

I have created new columns and cannot seems to find them in the automations when I am trying to add them to an email. It just autopopulates the fields and I cannot add them or find them. So I tried to use the {pulse…} function but cant seem to know/find the actual pulse name for the column as I have duplicated them. I am trying to use the function send email when clicked with the students grades. I need to send out report cards soon. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, thank you in advanced!

What type are the new columns?

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Thank you for your reply! They are formula columns that were recently duplicated but arent showing up on that list above.

And unfortunately that would by why, formula columns are not supported because their values are calculated in your browser only, and are not available to integrations which occur on the backend of - such as the gmail integration.

There are third party apps which can accept a formula (maybe not the same as in a recipe and write the value to a text or numbers column though.

You can search the marketplace for formula and find several popular results.

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then is there a way to send out the average scores by class? Because from my understanding, if I input a number in a text column or other columns, it becomes the whole column.

Yes, numbers in text columns will not work as numbers in a mirror column to sum/average them, as you’ve found. Unfortunately if you didn’t use a number column you may be in a bind. What was the use of text over number?

I just inputted all the averages individually as has so many restrictions, at least with formulas… Thank you so much for your help Cody!