Formula columns not available when composing e-mails and notifications in automations

Hi all, I’ve noticed that when you specify an e-mail or a notification as part of an automation, that many columns in the board are available to be used in the message, but not the formula columns that are also on the board. Their names are not listed in the UI when composing an automated message.
I’ve tried including references like ‘{pulse.columnname}’ and other variations to no avail.
Does anyone know how I could (for instance) include a column value that is a calculated total, in an e-mail or notification?

hi @Foobart

The formulas in the formula column are calculated in your client (browser). Nowhere within monday the outcome of this client-side calculation in known. Therefore those columns can’t be used in any automation / integration or in the UI element listing the columns. There is an alternative that calculates formulas in the backend and casts the outcome in normal columns with the General caster app.

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Thank you, Bas! I didn’t realize that the formula’s are computed locally. I’ll give General caster a try!

Hi Bart,

The Advanced Formula Booster is another option with many other advantages (you can update multiple columns with one formula, no need to nest functions, you can use variables and there are many custom functions to simplify your formulas).