Need to add a formula column to email

Good Morning.

I have created a formula column that is triggered off the due date column. If the due date is null, then it will populate the formula column with TBD. I want to add this formula column to the standard email integration automation, but this column does not show up as a selection.

What do I need to do to get this column to show up in the selection

hi @sharonmartinko

Formula columns can’t be read by the backend and therefore they will not show up in integrations. Nothing you can do in monday to fix that. However there is an app called General Castor that does formula calculations in the backend.

I have the formula working, and if the due date is NULL it will show TBD. I - somehow - have to get this to display when I create the email to the customer. If I were to ‘copy’ this to a text column - would that work


No, as said: the contents displayed in a formula column can’t be used anywhere (it is only known in your browser).

So - I did download general castor…but I don’t see where I can put that formula so it can be used.
When I click on ‘formula’ it is shown in the format of a message. Am I using this app incorrectly?

I guess they have a HowTo link or document and a support site / mail. We are not the developer of this app.