Formula column : Add the ability to add formula column on email

Monday email in “email and activity” support a lot of column type but not the very useful Formula column. Please add the ability to add it.

Yes, it is a feature that would be very useful for the app, however, I think it has to do with the fact that the formula type fields are built in the front end and not in the back end and therefore do not allow them to be read in the automations. I understand it from a technical point of view, but it would certainly be a lot of relief to be able to use it.

I have seen many people use General Caster to solve this problem.

Monday is expensive and I think they can manage the ability to work witrh formula in a email. I don’t want to pay for add on for basic usage. Yes formula is build frontend but I don’t think it’s a huge investment to backport the logic on the backend.

I very much agree with you, these are things that in my opinion Monday should allow these actions that are not so specific and very useful.

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