Add formula capabilities to main column types (and save values in database)

Hey Guys,

In other platforms formulas are not a specific column type but a property of the main column types.

It would be nice to have this in as it would remove a big current roadblock.

How would it work?

  • Add a formula property on numeric, text, date columns
  • When the property is empty the field works as usual
  • When a formula is saved:
    1. The column become read-only
    2. New values are calculated for this column
    3. Values are saved every time they change
  • Values would be saved in database, trigger Integrations and be available in API request :smiley:

I hope it was clear enough, but am willing to clarify.

Synolia ( Platinium Partner)

Hi @LaurentConroux,

Thank you for this feedback. This is a super interesting idea that I’ve never considered before, very creative!

Since it pertains more generally to our platform and not just our apps features, I’m going to move it to our general Feature Feedback category for a wider audience-ship.

Maybe with enough votes it will be built!

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Simple. And, AWESOME!

This is a critical request.
The fact the formula is a seperate type makes everything so diffcult, you can not make automations with it, you cannot use conditional formating with it. Truely a nightmare

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