Formula field as a status field

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I’m trying to create a new calculated field (was generated using “switch” formula), and to use it moving forward (as a trigger for automation, status main field in Kanban board/dashboard). The main issue is that this field should have “status” type and not “formula” type, and I wonder how to make the “formula” field has the same flexibility/functionalities as for a “status” one.
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This is a feature that is often requested. But currently unavailable.

Here are some workarounds that people use:

  1. Make adjustments to the logic to enable use of standard monday automations. This is not always possilbe. But given the details of a specific need, it is often surprising the creative solutions that people in the community can come up.
  2. Use Make (formerly Integromat), Zapier or similar tool to almost anything imaginable, like setting a status column.
  3. There is an app in the monday marketplace called General Caster that enables Excel-like formulas to be calculated and stored to most any column type, including status columns.

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