Formula columns not available in Gmail integration

Is there a specific reason why the formula columns are not available in the Gmail integration? It could be very usefull, because it is a way to implement a more complex logic to build a tailor made email.

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Hi @jeromeskiply,

My understanding is that this is because the value of the formula column is calculated on the client-side.

However, the integration is triggered on the server-side so it isn’t able to calculate this value.

Querying the value of a formula column is a highly requested feature, but at this time it isn’t available as it requires an underlying code change to calculate the value on the server-side.


Hi @mitchell.hudson,
Thanks for your answer, it makes sense.
Is it the same reason why we can not access to the content of a mirror column in the API?

Hey there @jeromeskiply :wave:

To be transparent with you, I don’t think that is the case :slight_smile: I’ve just tried querying a Mirror’s column values and it does seem possible to get at least the text output:

The Mirror column in the screenshot above is shown first with the “lookup” type. It doesn’t like it actively stores any particular JSON value, as a Status column normally would, but you should be able to get the text value of the Mirror column. Here is the basic query you can run for that:

  boards(ids: ID)

Basically, we are currently only providing an option to read certain values stored in the Mirror column by using a text field in your query. That said, we are always looking to make further improvements here and we are already working to improve the support of this particular feature in our API. At the time, I’m afraid I am not able to shed more light on the ETA though. Does that make sense?

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Thanks for the reply @AlexSavchuk :ok_hand:, it makes sense.
Anyway, it can quickly be confusing for developers to deal with “exceptions” like this, but it is not a big deal as long as we know it. We try to fully integrate with our IoT system, so we are exploring the limits of the API :innocent: