Can't get Formula Column Values in Integromat?

I am trying to create a simple Integromat flow that exports an item and its column values into Google Sheets. (Dynamic exporting/linking to Gsheets should be a native Monday functionality imo)

Use case: Every week, export new and updated items + column values into a new row in GSheets.

A lot of the columns of the items are Formula columns in the same board as well as mirrored from other boards. I can’t seem to pull the value of these columns in Integromat and export them? Is there no workaround to use Formula Columns in automations at all?


Currently, formula columns are calculated in the client. That is to say that they are neither calculated nor stored in the monday database. There are 3 main workaround for formula columns with Integromat:

  1. Reconstruct the calculation using Integromat formulas.
  2. Reconstruct the calculation using Google Sheets or Excel from within Integromat.
  3. Use General Caster (a third party app in the monday marketplace) to reconstruct the calculations and store the results on your board(s).

Mirror columns are similar in that the values are not returned using the API. Therefore, you have to have additional processing the get the connected values.

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