Integromat Google Sheets Integration

I’m trying to populate a column on from data that lives in a row on a Google Spreadsheet.

In a perfect world, a new column would be created in every time a new row is added to the Google Spreadsheet. However, the issue I’m running into the most is trying to account for a dynamic Column ID.

When you map the Column ID to a data point from the Google Sheet, the options to select a Label disappear. How do you format the “Any Value” field to accept a conditional statement?

This is the option it gives me:

And this is what I’m trying to replicate using a mapped field for the Column ID:

Hi there,

Of course you can not reference to a column that not yet exists and because of that you cannot choose a value in your screenshot 1.

In my opinion, you have to add the “add column to board”-module from monday into your scenario first. Then you can reference to this new column in the change column-module

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply, but the point I’m stuck on is referencing the column dynamically and using the “Any Value” field. If I add the column first, I still get stuck at the same point. Both screenshots are with the column already created.

What kind of column do you create?

But on the 1. Screenshot the value for the column-ID is green, so this is a value from the google spreadsheet. The column ID must come from a monday module and it is not the name of the column.

Do you understand what I mean? Maybe then it will work.

It is a Status column. One hangup I’m definitely having is trying to get the Column ID in integromat. So far I have no found a way to do that without typing it into a text field of another board and reading that instead.

I understand that I put a field from the spreadsheet there, but one thing I don’t understand (among many!) is what to put in the “Any Value” field when using a mapped Column ID field.

I was able to get the Column ID if I add the column using the automation. However, to simplify my question, I still do not know what or how to configure the “Any Value” field to update the Status column.

Ok, duh, realized that was just a json field and it reads from the v2 API. Ok, I think I’m on the right track here. Will update if I get stuck again and leave this here for now. Thanks.

Hi Rick

I made it! :smiley:

And the name of the column it is the ID, sorry.

First select status column from the list. Then choose Lable, maybe you also already enter your code. Then go back to the Column ID field and choose map and place now the ID of the module before, as you did it in your last screeshot.

Save it an do not reopen to verify. I reproduced it and it works.

I noticed that as well. I hate that it works but then disappears! If it works why not support it as a feature…

Anyway I found that you can put expressions in the Any Value field too. Here is a screenshot I found on the Integromat facebook group.

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yes it’s ugly, I agree.

This also should help:

I guess, you will find your way.

I am having the opposite issue. Trying to pull data from and push to a Google Sheet via Integromat. I set the trigger based on a specific column value changing and set 3 custom fields to pull.

The data is showing fine in the Integromat incoming and outgoing module (all 3 custom field values show. In the Excel connected incoming module in Integromat, it is pulling the latest entry that Monday pulled, but only one of the custom fields are showing to map to the Google Sheets fields. The others are not appearing.

Any ideas?


Helen here for the team :wave:.

You mentioned you’re trying to push data from your account into a Google Sheet-- is that right? I’m wondering if you’re also pulling in data from an Excel file? You mentioned you also have an incoming Excel module.

It might help for me to see your Integromat scenario to better understand why the values are getting lost somewhere in the middle there.

You can also probably click into each individual module to check out which values are currently being held in each (thus isolating the issue to see where the values are being lost).

Hope this helps!

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