Can you update a link to column or status using Integromat?

I am familiar with coding basics - but not JSON. I have setup an Integromat scenario that successfully transfer some data from a Google Sheet (populated by Google Form) into a new item on board - column types include “text” and “time” and “date”.

What I can’t seem to work out is how to transfer remaining data as:

  • link to column in other board (in this case I want to link the item to a particular project on a linked board)
  • status (in this case I want to update status based on a radio button response yes/no)

Could someone tell me if it’s possible to do either and what I need to do or look for in order to make it happen?


Hi @heidipj

Welcome to the community. AFAIK the link to item column is not supported in the API (yet). The more people requesting this the higher it will get on the list of features we all want. The same is true for mirror columns at the moment.

Status columns can be changed through the API as long as you set it to an existing status value (can’t create new status values). You have 2 options here: by index “{“index”:0}” or by label “{“label”:“Done”}”.

Thanks @basdebruin for getting back to me so quickly. Is there somewhere I should add to feature request? I appreciate the info on the status and will try to implement!

Hi @heidipj

Looks like I did miss an update, see So, you can set the items to link to in a link to item column, but I don’t believe you can specify which board to link to in the API (that should be setup in the UI).

See also discussion over here: [Released] Link to Item Column Update

Generally feature request for the API can be found here

Is it possible to show me where I might learn how to do that? I don’t understand enough to really know what to search for! :woman_shrugging: