Monday Mutation using Data Integromt

HI all

I really need some help with a board mutation (create item) that I am trying to achieve using Monday and Data Integromat.

The Itegration:
We check One drive for a new file or changes to the file > We create a csv file with the values > We break down the CSV file > We aggregate those items into an array and passed to Monday > We pass the arrays to Monday to create items for an existing board.

I have been able to get the integration to work, but only under two conditions:

  1. Remove the TAG from the integration, where a dynamic variable is passed to the Monday board- to create a new tag.In
  2. Dont map the tag to a dynamic variable, but rather assign the column name to the TAG value. Using that approach the integration works and the tag is created BUT the tag name is the column name, i.e. #AccountManager when what I want is the value of the variable for that record to be created

Here is the diagrammatic view of the Integromat integration: We check One drive for a new file or changes to the file > we create a csv file with the values > the collection are broken down into into items > those items are then aggregated into an array and passed to Monday.

Below is the output from the Iterator step

The step below is the last hop, i.e. the Aggregator, before the Monday board- one bundle is output into a single array, with 8 columns.


If I remove the last column, number 8, which is for a tag that I am wanting to create (that does not exist) the Monday board is updated and all the items are created without issue.

If I don’t map the last column to a variable, but ather assign it the value of account manager, then the tag is created, but it is created in the format #AccountManager. I want the tag value to be dynamically assigned based on the value assigned to the variable, i.e. whatever is in column 8.

Below is the definition in the Monday step, in Intrgromat. Dynamic variables have been assigned to each column in the board.
The problem column is the tags

Below is the feedback from running the integration- I can see the value assigned to the variable, for which I want the tag to be automatically created. The column name is Account Manager, and the value for the line item in question is: Aaron Smallcombe

Here is the error that is generated- I think the error is related to the format of the input for the tag column, and I think I need to provide the JSON format for the variable…but all of the other text columns are converted perfectly, if I remove the tag column from the integration.
Not sure what I am doing wrong?

Hey Marc! :wave:

It sounds like you’re passing text to the tags column and expecting it to convert the text to a valid hashtag. However, this isn’t how our tags column works currently. You’ll need to pass a numerical tag ID to the column in order to have #Aaron appear as a tag.

How about changing the column type to a text or person column instead?

You can use Integromat to look up a tag’s ID based on its text field, but it will be complicated based on our API’s current capabilities. You would need to get all the tags in your account and then look for the one whose name corresponds to the account manager. What do you think?

dipro, I seem to be having a problem along the same lines as Marc, but I think I’m sending a numerical ID. It still won’t work.

My basic workflow:

  1. Get a text value from an item.
  2. Turn it into a tag
  3. Add that tag to a different column in the same item.

Basically I have hundreds of tags that I want to generate, and because doesn’t have great import capabilities for tags, I’m taking a text column and creating a #tag and putting it into a tags column.

My workflow:

Tag name = text name

Generates a tag:

Feed the tag id I just generated to the appropriate tag column:

All seems good to me up to this point.

but when I actually feed the input to the item’s column I have this error:

I’ve gone around in circles trying to figure out how the format is wrong/what I’m calling incorrectly, but I just can’t wrap my head around it. I’ve tried to Numberparse( ; ) even though it seems I am inputting a number, but that doesn’t work, either.

Can you help?

I can do this no problem with Monday v.1 “Update a Tags-Column’s value”, but I would like to use V2 capabilities in case you discontinue v1.

See below for v1 application

Hey @MSIlydia – the Integromat connector was built externally and is not managed by us. I’m not sure how Integromat has built this module, therefore I cannot comment on whether this is a bug with their module or you are sending the wrong data.

I would recommend you reach out to Integromat to get more pointers on this particular module. Thanks!

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