Add item to a board from Integromat web hook

I have a 3rd party app that I want to send data from into a monday board. To simplify - I want to add a “contact” to a board, i.e. to pass a name & email as an item on a Monday board.

In Integromat, I’ve setup a webhook element, and a element. If I run it once with static values in Integromat, it works, and they are added to Monday.

What I can’t fogure out is how to dynamically add the parameter values and pass them to Monday.

i.e. say, if this is my integromat webhook URL I’m gretting from the webhook element:

How do I pass values (using GET ideally)? How do I know what are the names of the fields to pass to? How do I set up the Monday element in Integromat to accept the values from the URL and pass them on ot the monday board?

i.e. I’d like my app to pass the parameters using get like this:{NAME}&email={EMAIL}

But now idea what “name” and “email” should be, or how to make Integromat pass the values from the URL to Monday.

Help? :slight_smile:


Can you share the Integromat scenario picture so we can better understand what you’re asking?

Sure. See attached.


Ok, I think I understand your question…

If you click “Re-determine data structure” then repost your webhook string in a separate browser tab:

Your webhook data structure will be setup.

If you then run the webhook module and repost your webhook string, you can then click the “1” above your module and see the data structure.

These variable can then be used in the rest of your scenario like this:

Thanks! I wish Integromat’s docs were as clear as your post :slight_smile:

I was minutes away from “f*** it I’ll just use PHP instead of integromat” lol.

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