Incoming webhook? (i.e. adding an entry to a board based from a 3rd party app)?

I’m using intercom for a chat bot in my website, and I want to add an entry into a board in Monday when a certain action takes place on the chat.

Intercom allows me to ping a webhook address, but on the help docs (Webhook Integration – Support), I could only find information about how to set up an outgoing webhook (i.e. when something happens in Monday, send a webhook to another app).

How can I achieve this?

Hi @whatevs
Welcome to the community. does not offer incoming webhooks. What you can do is write your own integration app and listen to webhooks from an external source and issue GraphQL API call to make updates in monday boards.


Integromat (and I assume Zapier) is another alternative.

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See documentation from Integromat below (assuming this is the correct Intercom app):

You would start you scenario with a webhook from Intercom, and then build out the Monday portion with data retrieved from Intercom via the webhook.

Hope this helps!

Obviously went over all of those before asking, I couldn’t really understand :\ Thanks :slight_smile: