and MAKE (formerly Intergomat)

The Monday modules in MAKE (formerly Integromat) allow you to manage boards, column values, tags, users, items, and updates in your Monday account.

Below are some of the workflows that we have created for our Monday clients:

  1. Integrate or Sync tasks between Plutio and Monday board. All tasks and updates posted in Monday are sent to Plutio (Task gets created and updates added as comments)
  2. Add attachments to Monday Boards - Jot form submission results in an email with attached form to the owner of the form. This form often needs to be added to the Monday board and can be easily done using MAKE.
  3. Google Drive folder creation and copy templates & folders based on status column selection.
  4. Create subitems or add items to drop downs of the same board or other boards based on a selection from dropdown
  5. Add Calendly details to Monday board
  6. Watch for new WooCommerce orders and add order details to Monday Board
  7. Calculate total timeline from subitems to populate at item level
  8. Read email data and send details to Monday board.
    and much more.

For any assistance contact us to setup your automations.
Here is the link to get 1 Month Plan for Free: MAKE_Offer