How to handle twilio incoming text

is there are any why by which i can get all incoming twilio sms to
or alternative
Can i send data(GET/POST method) to against a lead?

Hi @sumonci - You cannot do this with the native Twilio integration, but if you use Integromat you can get the incoming messages from Twilio and pull them into monday.

Integromat can also make it easy to send freeform text messages straight from the monday Updates (chat) area. We’re currently setting this up right now for a client and it works beautifully.

I have go through Integromat. They are good but i really desire to work independently. Moving forward, what i expect from is, passing data(GET/POST method) from my website/server to
Somethin like, from i get all changes using webhook. Which means that i can synchronize my database/system. Similarly I want to update dashboard by sending data from my system. Is there are any way exists right now? If not then i appreciate if create such system for us.