Send Post Request from Monday to Twilio Workflow

Good , I am new using monday and as I checked there are already some native integrations to be used with Twilio ; however none of these satisfy my objective. Currently I have a workflow in Twilio which must call a customer and after the customer responds, the call will be connected to an agent, this is already working as I wish, using postman and performing a post request I check that this as I require. The thing is that I don’t understand, I don’t know if it is possible and I don’t know how I can execute this request from a Monday integration.

I appreciate any possible help, recommendations or guidance/guidance on the way to achieve my goal.

hi @mustafaowensby
Welcome to the community. When you want to send a POST request out of you should define a trigger (like when status change, when item is created etc). On your board you can click Integrate and search for the webhook integration and pick the correct trigger from there. The webhook could maybe used to send the required POST to Twillo and if not you need to have “something in the middle”. You can send the webhook trigger to Integromat and send the POST from there.

Hope this helps a little bit and if you need more information please describe the case in more detail.

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My warmest welcome to the community, and to the family!

I second @basdebruin’s suggestion here. If you can catch a webhook from in Twilio Workflow, that would be the most direct way to set this up. Otherwise, you could also consider Integromat or Zapier to set this up.

As usual, thank you for being such an active part in our community, Bas! I appreciate it.

Let us know how this sounds :slight_smile:


Yes in fact I imagine that the webhook url that provides me the twilio workflow that I want to implement would work by placing it in the webhook window from the dashboard integration, but it gives me error and I don’t know how to fix it or if that is really the url that I should place. Look at the images


hi Mustafa

When you configure the webhook URL the receiving party should acknowledge the existence of the endpoint by returning the challenge send initially. When that is done the webhook will send data on the trigger. I don’t know how you can instruct Twilio to return the challenge.

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In that case, you might indeed need to use a 3rd-party platform, just to catch the trigger from, and then to pass it to Twilio, in case you are not able to configure the Twilio webhook to return the challenge to :slight_smile:

I hope this makes sense.


I understand a bit what you are saying @AlexSavchuk , in this case a 3rd party platform I understand it would be something like Integromat?
Or should I develop some kind of frontend-backend for this purpose?
I’m not clear even with this, because even if I use the 3rd party platform to return the challenge that monday asks me, how could I configure then the webhook that gives me twilio in the workflow if this would be configured with the one that returned the challenge, I do not know if I explain myself clearly.


Thank you for circling back with me!

I would definitely suggest Integromat in this case. You could set it up to catch the webhook, get some data from the board using the “Get Item” module, and then pass the exact data you need back to Twilio. This could be a flow for this inetgration:

  • When Status changes to something, send webhook to Integromat;
  • Integromat catches the webhook, and stores the Item ID;
  • You can then use the Get Item module on Integromat to return more data about the item, for example, the email and phone column values;
  • Then, you could pass all of that output data to Twilio to trigger the automatic call from there.

Does that make more sense? Let me know!


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Hey @AlexSavchuk I hope you are well, thanks for your answer it was very helpful.

In the end what I did was to use Integromat to create working scenario in which I was capturing the change of the column “status” from, when there was change it would take a “number” previously set in another column called “phone” same from Monday. com, which I would then use as the destination of the call and the sms that I would need to make with Twilio, finally I configured an http request to send to call the Twilio workflow which already had all the process as to connect the 1st call with the 2nd to leave the communication established and tacham, it was ready.

And to think that I went around so many times just because monday doesn’t allow in its native integrations to connect 2 calls hehe


I’m glad you were able to find a way to make this work for your use case, and I appreciate you sharing a brief outline of your workflow with the community :slight_smile: I hope this helps users trying to achieve something similar.

Integromat is indeed quite awesome to achieve a more customized integration like the one you are attempting, so I’m glad it did the trick.


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