Integrating Twilio Voice with Monday CRM


My team is looking for a phone solution that will automatically update the call log from our business telephone into Monday. After comparing several companies, we thought Twilio would be the best use for this because of the price point and their existing integrations. However, I’m only seeing integrations between Twilio and Monday for SMS and robo calls, not for inbound calls, which is our need.

Has anyone integrated Twilio Voice, and how?

Our preferred call flow would be:

  1. Customer calls our number
  2. Twilio (or other system) would simultaneous ring two lines
  3. One of the two agents would then direct the customer to the proper team member.
  4. Record the call/voicemail, duration, and any other prompted selections made by the customer
  5. Automatically save above data as well as additional notes from whomever answered as a new item in Monday