Multiple assignees for one task

Hello !
I have a workflow in Make Integromat to create an item and assign it to multiple persons. I understood that I have to use the GraphQL Monday module, but my query is not good.

mutation {
column_values: “{"people" : {"personsAndTeams": {{60.array}}}}”)
{ id

Where is my mistake ? (Sorry for my english… I am french)


Can you please share screenshots of your flow? So I’d be able to better assist.

Kind regards

Hi there,
Here’s a corrected version of your mutation.please go through it.

mutation {
board_id: {{3.MONDAY_GROUP_ID}},
item_id: {{}},
column_values: “{"people" : {"personsAndTeams": {{60.array}}}}”
) {

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Thx for your help and sorry for my late answer… I’ll try the solution just under and I tell you. Thx again.

Thank you very much. I’ll try this today and tell you.