Dependency mapping in

Would someone confirm if it is possible to map the contents of a dependency column in Make? I am trying to determine the status of an item’s (or subitem’s) dependencies. For instance, if Item D is dependent on Items A, B, and C being “complete,” Make would change the status of item D to “initiate” once those three are “complete,” but it would not change if A were “in Progress” When I list all of a board’s items in Make, I can see the the information that I need (in the previous example, I can see that D is Dependent on A, B, C and get their linkedPulseids in the list. However, when I connect the next module, I cannot figure out how to map to it.

Hi Jake,

You’d probably benefit from using the GraphQL query module. Just replace the values in this query module with those relevant to your items and boards. You can also insert dynamic values.

mutation {
  change_multiple_column_values (item_id:9876543210, board_id:1234567890, column_values: "{\"dependent_on\" : {\"item_ids\" : [0987654321]}}") {

API page here: Dependency

It’s a bit intimidating at first, but once you get used to using GraphQL queries, you’ll find opportunities become greatly expanded. DM me if you need extra help. :+1: